City Council Approves 5th Street Paving Project

NORFOLK - Even though the bid is about five percent above the engineer’s estimate, the Norfolk City Council has approved a contract for concrete work on a one-block stretch of 5th Street.  At Monday night’s meeting, the Council heard from Assistant City Engineer Mark Dolecheck. He says he and City Engineer Dennis Smith have talked with Elkhorn Paving about the bid, and have learned there are some good reasons the bid is above estimates.  Dolecheck explained that the project falls under the Davis-Bacon act, so higher wages must be paid, and concrete costs are running about 10 percent above a year ago. Dolecheck says Elkhorn Paving also explained that there are additional expenses involved in a project that is only one-block long.  Dolecheck says the one-block project between Madison and Phillip avenues is also labor-intensive per square yard. And he says the street is currently concrete with an asphalt overlay, meaning Elkhorn Paving will have to separate the materials before they can be recycled for other projects.  The Council voted 7-0, with Councilman Rob Merrill absent, to approve a $182,653 contract with Elkhorn Paving.