City Council Okays Funds for Hangars

NORFOLK - The Norfolk City Council has said yes to the Norfolk Airport Authority for the construction of new hangars at the Norfolk Regional Airport.  The council Monday night to allow the Norfolk Airport Authority to levy a property tax of a little more than $385,000 and a future additional property tax of about $60,000 a year to fund debt service of new hangers and a related taxiway.  Members of the council discussed the measure for nearly a half-hour with Norfolk Airport Authority Chairman Dan Geary and Airport Manager Terri Wachter.  Councilman Jim Lange (LANG-ee) expressed concern that the cost estimates may be too low and talked of a similar measure with the Valentine airport.  Currently, all of the Norfolk Regional Airport’s hangar space is rented out.  In the end the council voted 7-1 in favor of the allocation with Ward 1 Councilman Dick Pfeil casting the lone “no” vote.  




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