Crofton Man Challenges Incumbent Larson for District 40 Seat

CROFTON - District 40 Incumbent State Senator Tyson Larson of O’Neill is facing opposition in his run for re-election.  Crofton agri-businessman Keith Kube of Crofton is  challenging to represent the district that includes Dixon, Cedar, Knox, Boyd, Holt and Rock Counties.  Larson designated as his priority bill this past legislative session, LB-1058, which if signed into law would add Nebraska to the “National Popular Vote Compact,” which aims to effectively abolish the electoral college.  Kube says he strongly opposes the bill.  Larson withdrew his bill from the legislature’s agenda last spring due to lack of support.  The “National Popular Vote Compact” currently includes ten states with a combined 136 electoral votes.  The group aims to attract a combination of states with the majority 270 votes, at which time each member would automatically cast its electoral votes for the candidate with the nation’s most popular votes.  since Kube and Larson are the only two running in the officially non-partisan race, both will advance to November’s general election.  Just the same, Kube sees the May 13th primary as an important milestone since the people of the district are in his words "… still getting to know me."