Faith Regional Offers End-of-Year Discount

NORFOLK - If you owe a bill at Faith Regional Health Services, you can save 25 percent by paying that bill before the end of the year.  To assist patients in payment of their medical bills, Faith Regional is offering a one-time settlement opportunity.  Patients currently making monthly payments can take advantage of this offer, but the payment schedule will not be affected for those who choose NOT to take the settlement offer.  For more information on this offer, patients are asked to call the Faith Regional Patient Financial Services office at (866) 213-7755.  Payment can be made over the phone at no additional cost. 

     Faith Regional will also be offering a new bank loan payment program through Pinnacle Bank with an interest rate of 8.75 percent.  Payments may be spread out over several years and are made directly to Pinnacle Bank.  Other medical bills can also be incorporated with this loan if a patient chooses.  To take advantage of the bank loan offer, patients whose last names begin with A through K may call (402) 844-8320, while those whose last names begin with L through Z are asked to call (402) 644-7366.