Hunter Training Now Required for 12-29 Year Olds

NORFOLK - A bill passed last week by the Unicameral - LB699 - has forced changes in the requirements for some Nebraska hunters.  The Nebraska Game and Parks Hunter Education Coordinator, Mike Streeter says all Nebraska hunters, ages 12 to 29 must complete mandatory hunter education.  Streeter says any child under the age of 12 who carries a firearm must be accompanied at all times by someone, age 19 or older, and if that person is age 19 to 29, that person must have the mandatory hunter training.  There is no hunter education requirement for Nebraska hunters who are aged 30 or older.  For those who haven’t completed the training, and would just like to give hunting a try, Streeter says there is a Hunter Education Exemption Certificate available.  Details can be found on the Game and Parks’ website.