Madison County Commissioners vote to replace courthouse doors

MADISON - The Madison County Board of Commissioners has voted to spend just under $30,000 to replace both the north and south doors of the county courthouse.  The project also includes wiring and electronic locks.  In a previous commissioners meeting, county and district court judges had asked for security measures that would require everyone to be scanned before they entered the courthouse.  Sheriff Vern Hjorth told the commissioners that in order to implement such a plan, the county would have to hire three more deputies, which would cost an additional $150,000.  Hjorth told the commissioners that the possibility of something happening exists, but that the chances are very slim.  He said he'd talked with other county officials agreed that the doors needed to be replaced, but that the added security was not necessary.  The commissioners agreed and voted unanimously to fund the door replacements.  The county will also purchase a second mobile walk-through detector.  Hjorth says it and one the county already owns could be used for increased security when the need arises.