Man Accused of Stealing Pickup in Madison Accused in Minnesota Shooting

MADISON - A man who allegedly stole a pickup in Madison on Monday, is accused of shooting a sheriff’s deputy in Minnesota Tuesday.  Holly Randalls was working at Brady and Amy’s convenience store in Madison, when a customer asked her if there was a pawn shop in town.  After she told him there was not, he left and apparently stole a black Dodge pickup, which was parked out in front of the store and belongs to Paul Nolan of Madison.  heriff’s deputies found the pickup 400 miles away the next morning, and pulled it over for a traffic stop.  There were two occupants in the pickup, Steven Henderson and his brother 18-year-old William Henderson.  Deputies arrested the younger Henderson for an outstanding warrant.  As he was being taken into custody, Steven Henderson - the suspect in the pickup theft - allegedly shot one of the deputies in the back.  He was saved by his bullet-resistant vest.  The deputy was taken to a Fargo, North Dakota hospital, treated and released.  Nolan says his pickup is being held by the Minnesota Bureau of Criminal Apprehension and says it won’t be released until after the Hendersons’ court date.