Norfolk City Council Gives Woodland Park Deadline

NORFOLK - May 7th – that’s the deadline the City of Norfolk has given Woodland Park to make a decision on sewer service.  At last Monday night’s meeting of the Mayor and City Council, Norfolk City Administrator Shane Weidner said the communication between Norfolk officials and the SID #1 board has been good, but he is frustrated with the lack of action.  Weidner told the Council that the SID board needs to act.  The council voted unanimously to request that Woodland Park agree to a Memorandum of Understanding by May 7th, or proceed with building a separate sewer system to be operational by July of 2016.  The memorandum includes a peak flow rate of 300 gallons per minute from Woodland Park and a requirement that the peak flow be controlled by a non-adjustable engineered solution, that Woodland Park pay the city of Norfolk $230,000 and that a surge tank be constructed to hold flow from Woodland Park that would exceed the maximum flow rate.