Norfolk Police Division Welcomes Newest Officer to the Force

NORFOLK -  Norfolk’s newest police officer was welcomed to the force in a ceremony Friday night.  Madison County Judge Michael Long administered the oath of office Friday night to Norfolk’s newest police officer, Micah Finch.  Finch is a 2005 graduate of Norfolk Senior High who has worked as a mental health security specialist at the Norfolk Regional Center and also as a social worker for a local family counseling agency.  Norfolk Mayor Sue Fuchtman thanked Finch and his wife, Stephanie for their commitment to the community and Police Chief Bill Mizner welcomed Finch to the force and asked him to never tarnish the badge.  Finch’s wife pinned his badge on his uniform. Police Captain Michael Bauer explained that the symbolism of the badge dates back to the shield carried by medieval knights.  Finch was hired on March 10th and has been training for the past month. He left Sunday for the Nebraska Law Enforcement Training Center at Grand Island where he will spend 16 weeks. After that, he will be with a training officer for several months before being scheduled on his own.  Chief Mizner says that Finch’s hiring brings the Norfolk Police Division to full force for the first time in two years.