Norfolk Water Tower's Days Are Likely Numbered

NORFOLK - A Norfolk landmark will most likely be taken down sometime in the next year.  At a recent retreat, Norfolk City Council members agreed that the water tower on 25th Street has outlived its usefulness.  Dennis Watts, water and sewer director for the city, says the city has other water storage tanks that more than supply Norfolk's needs.  The water tower - built in 1964 - needs to be painted, and that would cost about $300,000.  Public Works Director Dennis Smith says it will cost about $25,000 to demolish the structure.  It would cost $200,000 to replace it with a steel tower that would hold antennas for the city's emergency system, a cell phone compnay and some internet providers.  The city receives $22,000 each year from the telecommunications companies for use of the tower.  No date has been set for demolition of the water trower.