Not As Many Ballots for Primary Voters

MADISON - Voting in the May 13th Primary Election in Nebraska may not take as long as in past elections because of some changes in state law.  Madison County Clerk Nancy Scheer tells us the Legislature passed LB56 this year with the emergency clause.  The measure takes unopposed partisan local races off the spring ballot. That means that the names of most candidates for Madison County races will not be on the ballot. The exceptions will be the Districts 1 and 3 county commissioners races and the contest for public defender. Two candidates are seeking each of those nominations.  Scheer says non-partisan races with insufficient candidate interest have always advanced without being on the spring ballot, so some voters in Madison County will not receive a non-partisan ballot at all.  In the city of Norfolk, the four city councilmen up for re-election are unopposed, and only five candidates are seeking three positions on the Norfolk School Board. Those races will not be on the ballot, since all of the candidates automatically advance to the fall election.