NRD continues to work on groundwater issues

NORFOLK - "It’s better than last year, but still pretty dry." That’s the way that Ken Berney, assistant manager of the Lower Elkhorn Natural Resources District, describes the situation in Northeast Nebraska as July winds down.  Berney says we ended 2012 with extremely low water levels, and there was not much recharge this spring. He says the NRD continues to work with irrigators to conserve water.  Berney says they have had only a couple of reports of wells with problems this year, and it is too early to determine if those are from interference or other causes. Last year, many Northeast Nebraska citizens reported problems with domestic wells because of heavy irrigation.  Berney encourages all irrigators to make sure any end gun shutoffs are functioning properly and he says homeowners can do their parts by fixing leaky faucets and only watering lawns when they need it.


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