Roundabout planned for Hwy 275 - 37th Street intersection

NORFOLK - Four-lane divided highways are designed to allow the motorists who use them the ability to get to their destinations quicker and safer.  But the advantages and conveniences also include some dangers.  Drivers trying to turn left onto Highway 275 from 37th Street, have to pay close attention to all four lanes of traffic before making the decision to enter the highway.  But maybe not for long.  Kevin Domogalla is the district engineer for the Department of Roads’ Norfolk office says plans are to construct a roundabout at the intersection of Highway 275 and 37th Street.  Domogalla says roundabouts slow traffic and lower crash angles to minimize and lessen the severity of crashes.  He says the plan also calls for the elimination of the lane south of Faith Regional that allows westbound Norfolk Avenue traffic to merge onto Highway 275.  Norfolk Avenue traffic would instead use the hospital road.  Domogalla says construction of the roundabout at 37th Street and Highway 275 is tentatively set for Spring of 2015.