Salvation Army Envoys Return to Norfolk

NORFOLK - Former Salvation Army Envoys Jim and Dee Tooley have spent the past week in Norfolk, reconnecting with a community that Jim Tooley says changed his life.  The Tooleys were Corps Officers in Norfolk from 1992 to 1997. During that time, the Salvation Army started offering social programs and acquired the current building on North 7th Street. Tooley says the five years in Norfolk were the best years of his career.  The Tooleys were involved in private business for a time after leaving Norfolk. They helped develop two drug and alcohol centers, supervised work in Mississippi after Hurricane Katrina, and worked to develop response plans while living in Seymour, Missouri. They are currently back in Mississippi.  The Tooleys ministered over the weekend at the Salvation Army, presenting a special musical program on Monday night. They have also been assisting with after-school programming all week. They will leave the area Thursday.




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