Sen. Scheer Says 60-day Session Will be Busy

NORFOLK - It may be a 60-day session of the Nebraska Legislature that gets underway on Wednesday, but it will be a busy one.  That’s according to Norfolk State Senator Jim Scheer who expects lots to be covered in the condensed session.  Scheer says another factor impacting the legislative session will be the 17 senators serving their final year because of term limits will see this year as the last chance to accomplish their goals.  And Scheer expects a little “electioneering” on the floor, with three state senators running for governor and two for state auditor. "Everything that comes up, everyone wants to get their 30-second sound bite on the floor," said Scheer.  "It will also impact because there may be hesitency for some of those folks to want to vote on something simply because it may be too controversial, so they don't want to swing votes one way or the other."  The session is scheduled to adjourn April 17th.