Three Arrested after Early Morning Fight

NORFOLK - Norfolk Police broke up a large fight early this morning in the 600 block of South 8th Street. Police Captain Mike Bauer says officers were called to a loud disturbance at 1:45 this morning, and found about 10 people yelling and fighting in the alley behind 611 South 8th Street. The crowd quickly dispersed, and officers were able to apprehend three of those who fled the scene.  Bauer says 21-year-old Michael Chele3wski was arrested for obstructing a police officer, while 18-year-old Cody Richards and 20-year-old Zachary Wuebben were arrested for obstructing a police officer and minor in possession. All three were housed in the Norfolk City Jail. Wuebben was released on a cash bond while Richards and Chelewski were transferred to the Madison County Jail.

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