Time to Check for Ticks

TEKAMAH -  As the weather warms up, reports of ticks also increases.  Very few things make people as squeamish as finding a tick – attached or crawling – on their bodies.  John Wilson, Burt County extension Educator, says ticks find their victims by “questing.”  Ticks usually get on our bodies below the knees and then crawl upward. Wilson says if you're out in an area where ticks are common, wear light colored clothes, long-sleeved shirts and long pants tucked into your socks.  And Wilson says it is important to check yourself and your clothes when you have been exposed to ticks.  Wilson says prompt removal of ticks is important because the longer the pest feeds, the higher the risk of disease transmission. He says the way to remove a tick is to grasp it with a tweezers as close to the host as possible.  Wilson says you should clean the spot with an anti-bacterial product. Repellants with DEET or permethrin are also effective. Wilson says DEET may be applied to your skin, while permethrin should only be applied to clothing.  He says coating the tick with tape, alcohol or Vaseline is not an effective way to remove it.  .