Tips For Late Tax Filers

OMAHA -  It’s April 15th, the day many Americans dread most. Today is the deadline to file your 2013 income tax returns.  Internal Revenue Service spokesman Christopher Miller says those still working on their taxes need to take extra precautions to prevent errors.  Miller says there is about a 1% chance of making a mistake e-filing compared to a 20% chance with paper returns.  Miller says so far about 90% of all Nebraskans who have filed returns, have done so electronically.  He says if you're not able to complete your tax forms by midnight tonight, you can file and extension.  That will give you until October 15th to file your tax return, however payments to the IRS are still due today otherwise there will be interest and penalties added to that bill.  Miller says if you are unable to pay your taxes in full, to contact the IRS to work out a payment plan. He says about 45,000 Nebraskans will file extensions this year.