Vehicle Parking District Board presents City Council with Downtown Norfolk parking plan

NORFOLK - Growth in downtown Norfolk has created a good problem, but a problem nevertheless.  An advisory board commissioned by the Norfolk City Council to come up with solutions for parking issues in downtown Norfolk has completed its work.   James Wapelhorst, a member of the Vehicle Parking District Board told council members at Monday night’s meeting that there are now 840 individual employees and tenants operating in the area from 1st to 8th Streets and Madison to Braasch Avenues.  He says the plan maintains free parking for the customers of downtown businesses.  Wobblehorst says employee and resident parking would be set aside in off-street lots for which permits could be purchased.  The recommended cost for the permits is $15 per quarter or $55 per year.  Residents and employees who purchase permits would receive tags to place on their rear-view mirrors.   


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