Programs on WJAG AM 780

Monday - Friday

Program Titles


CBS Sports Midnight - 5am (105.9FM Only)

America in the Morning w/ Jim Bohannon


5am - 6am

Susan Risinger

Tradio (aprox 8:40 am)

6am - 9am
Glenn Beck 9am -12pm

Noon Report of News

Huckabee Report & Weather

Birth Announcements

12pm - 12:30pm

12:30pm - 12:35pm


Rush Limbaugh 1pm - 4pm

News Local and Area - Weather - Sports Update

Bottom Line - Wall Street Report - Closing Grains


4pm - 6pm

CBS Sports Radio Live

780 AM signs off at dusk


6pm - 12am


Saturday Program Titles


Saturday Wake up Show

Saturday 6-8am

The Under the Hood Show Saturday 8-10am
At Home with Gary Sullivan

Noon News

Saturday 10am -1pm

Saturday 12pm to 12:10pm

Dave Ramsey Saturday 1-4pm
CBS Sports Saturday 4pm - Midnight


Sunday Program Titles


Weekend Magazine

Local Week in Review

ABC World News This Week

Billy Graham Program

Local News

Community Bible Church

Funeral Announcements

Outdoor Nebraska

Norfolk Baptist Bible Time


Radio Health Journal

Sunday 6am-7 am

Sunday 7am-7:30am

Sunday 7am - 7:30 am

Sunday 7:30am - 8 am

Sunday 8am - 8:15 am

Sunday 8:15am - 8:30 am

Sunday 8:30am - 8:35 am

Sunday 8:35am - 8:45 am

Sunday 8:40am - 9:00am

Sunday 9am - 9:30 am

Sunday 9:30am - 10 am

Weekend Magazine - Focus on the Family

Sunday 11am - 12pm

NBC's Meet the Press

Local Week in Review

Lutheran Hour

Sunday 10am - 11am

Sunday 12:00pm - 12:30pm

Sunday 12:30pm - 1pm

Glenn Beck - Review

CBS Sports
Sunday 1pm - 4pm

Sunday 4pm - Midnight